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3 Countries, 1 Week, and a Few Trains

I stayed in Gothenburg over the weekend. On Saturday, there was still snow on the ground and I decided to go venture in the park. There were many families out sledding, some kids cross country skiing, and many people walking... Continue Reading →


Volkswagen, Volvo, Lexus . . . Eyes on Texas

All of the teachers have call and responses to get the students’ attention. One, Two, Three . . . Eyes on Jamie. Tre, Två, Ett . . . Eyes on Brett. Ichi, Ni, San . . . Eyes on Christian.... Continue Reading →

Running Records, Math Assessments, Thai Cuisine, and Meatballs

After a long weekend, here's to another week of school.  Monday began with a morning meeting that was intentionally kept short. First Mandy played a video of gorillas dancing to “single ladies” and had the kids dance along. Darcy mentioned... Continue Reading →

A Weekend of Museums and Exploration

I left school Friday and went directly to the Universeum! This place is a mix of an interactive science museum and an aquarium. When you first walk up to the museum, there is a dinosaur and a pirate ship playground.... Continue Reading →

Sassy Students, Substitutes, Staff Meetings, and Stripping

Tuesday: For starters, Brett, my teacher, was not here today so we had a substitute. His name was Olov pronounced like Olaf! As the students were coming in, they were handed a worksheet about energy and were to complete it.... Continue Reading →

First day of International School is in the books!

First day of school! First day of school! We were greeted by the principal who took us upstairs to the grade 5 classrooms to introduce us to our teachers. One teacher is from Canada, another from Australia, and one from... Continue Reading →

Travel time and the not so bad jet lag

First, let’s talk about getting here. In order to save money, Nikki and I flew on three flights. The first flight went from Dallas, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia in about two hours. As soon as we were off the plane... Continue Reading →

Next stop: Sweden!

This is the first week I’ve actually been in the classroom all five days of the week! It was fun but exhausting, especially after a long weekend of work. One of my students came up to me Monday morning to... Continue Reading →

MLK Week and Substitutes

Another crazy four day week is in the books. After missing last Friday and a long weekend in Wisconsin, the first thing I was asked on Monday was “Why were you gone yesterday...Friday?” I answered “I had some family things... Continue Reading →

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